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Do not call me

I’m the person email and texting were invented for. I also express myself better in writing. I actually wish Apple makes an iPhone which allows you to disable the calling part.

  1. I need time to think about my responses. Email let me answer on my own time instead of immediately.
  2. Phone calls go in to my short term memory. Emails you can read back over and over again.
  3. It kills my productivity flow.
  4. If you call without caller id. I will not pick up the phone. You should identify yourself first. I think phones should have an assistent build in that picks up. Asks the caller to identify themselves and the reason they call. Let me choose if I want to deal with it or not.
  5. Wasting time talking small talk.
  6. It's not efficient because you do not have the whole picture or information at the moment you are called.

Text me, message me, email me, send me smoke messages, but for the love of %$#, please don’t call me on my phone.

I probably won’t answer anyway.